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Technique feature of completely biodegradable plas
Technique feature of completely biodegradable plas

Completely biodegradable plastic mainly is made of high polymer (such as starch, fibrin, chitin) or use agricultural products fermentation by germ or compound biodegradable high polymer, such as thermoplastic starch plastic, aliphatic polyesters, PLA, starch or PVA and so on.

Firstly, in biodegradable formula, it all chooses completely biodegradable elements so that can make products can be 100% biodegraded after dropping and final can create CO2 and water.

Secondly, starch, PVA and PCL has excellent consistency and add various natural auxiliaries so that can make various property of products can be close or beyond common plastic.

Thirdly, about all production process including mixing, prilling, plastic extrusion and blow molding of this products has formed a unique process so that can make industrial production be continuous and stable.

In recent years, plastic penetrates into various works and enter into most families because of its convenience, at the same time, it brings great harm for environment. There are coming on many international and domestic various environmental policy copyright, law and regulations. It proves that biodegradable plastic demand is gradually into normalization and industrialization.

Completely biodegradable plastic-PBS is aggregated from BG and butanedioic acid. In using process,it is stable. It can be degraded by germ or enzyme of plant and animal body into water and CO2 in compostable, soil,water and other environment. It has excellent biological consistency and biological adsorbency.