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Beautiful Bay Window Curtains

Only the arched windows on the curtain divided into two parts, and the use of rolling is the best way. The design of the upper shutter matched with arched arc shape, can control alone. The lower part of the book is divided into two pieces, the same can be controlled separately.

The upper arched windows curtains by pulling the cord, the drooping, can reveal the window. In the lower part of the curtain is drawn upward by the way of exposing the window, make indoor light.

bay window curtains

Some of the windows is not in a straight line, or right angled corner, or arc-shaped bay window curtains. When the curtain curtain rod even into several pieces, must also be a point of the final curtain, hanging window effect and the trend is consistent.

bay window curtains

The most important is the corner window curtain rod, because the window is angled, so don't put the curtain rod is directly fixed on the wall, so the lack of stability. Can take the first bracket fixed on the ceiling, and then the method of fixed angle curtain rod on the bracket.

This window is most suitable for use on both fixed curtains, will first be used to hang the curtain curtain rings through the curtain rod, then the curtain rod is fixed on the wall through the support, finally put up curtains hanging on the curtain hook ring is completed.